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End of Semester


It is coming toward the end of my first Semester in Dundalk IT. I have enjoyed myself so far but I can’t wait to get on my Christmas holidays. For the last two weeks I have been flat out with assignments. The work just completely piled on towards the end. The worst part of being on such, a hands on course is that you can’t do some of the assignments at home. You have to go into college and do work and leave it there. In Dundalk we have amazing access to top of the range equipment. The kind of equipment that when we go to work in the industry, this is the equipment we will be using.

I am looking forward to starting the next semester in Dundalk and getting started on my new modules.


About me


I have just realised that I have never actually wrote anything about myself. I’ll start off by saying Hi, my name is Aoife McEvoy, i’m nintten years old, from Termonfeckin and i’m attending college in Dundalk IT . I am in first year studying Video and Film. Last year I did a PLC course in Dun Laoghaire in which i studied Audio, Visual, Media production. I think that this was a great help for starting this year because i knew the basics of using the camera and editing and different things like that.

My main interests is set-dancing and irish music. I play the fiddle along with the piano. I would do alot of traveling with both set-dancing and music, for example with set-dancing I’v been to Germany and England, with music I have been such places as Porgual and Romania. Well I think thats all there is to know about me, for the time being anyway.

blogs I have found intereting


The first blog that i found interesting was Film of the Month club. I found it interesting to read because it gives you a good insight into other people opinions of films. Although the blog has stopped in 2009 it is till intereting to read.

The second blog that I found interesting was 20filmwords. This blog is more about posting videos and pictures then about writing. It was nice to see the different way to approach to writing in their blog. In this blog it has a wide variety of different videos and pictures and from old films to more recent ones.

The blog that I found most interesting was about a photographer Steve McCurry in this blog it is an interview about using wordpress and how he comes about posting a blog. He also includes amazing photographys in which he has taken. This is blog that I decided to comment on. This is one of Steve McCurry’s most famous photographs.

The Government


To be honest I don’t have a strong opinion on the Government. It’s not something that I would follow or I am particularly interested. The only time that I would start to pay attention to them would be when it’s coming up to election time. That’s when I start listening to the new to see which person can bring what to our country. I would have no problem in giving out about them in the slightest mistake they make even if it doesn’t affect me. For example the other night when the budget was on I had every interest in watching it but only for the main reason to give out about everything they say. Half the times I don’t understand what they are talking about but would usually go along with it anyway and give out about them.

To sum it all up the only reason I would tune into listen to the government is to give out about them but also to inform myself before an election takes place.


The internet in my house is mental it never works when you want it to. We rang the company and the sugest we pluge out the phone and pluge the internet into the wall and then into the laptop. its like were heading back in time rather then into the future. when we were all pluged it and attached to the wall it works for about 5minutes on and 5 minutes off. This is depressing!

Blog #3

blog #2


This has felt like a very long week. I’m still very tired after last weekend. Last weekend I was in Germany. I was in a little village called Heidelberg .

 There are fabulous views and scenery to look at.  we kicked off the trip with some traveling to Mannheim. we went on cable carts and looked around the shops. The main reason why we were in Heidelberg was for an Irish setdancing weekend. The crowds that travelled were amazing and the atmosphere was priceless.

Till next time 🙂

Getting started


This is my first blog to write and I am going to start off by telling you how I did it.

The hardest thing was to find a username that nobody has used before but once you find it your half way there. The fun on starts then. You get to decide how your page is goin to look by changing the appearance, the different themes, backgrounds and widgets.

Here is a link that you my find helpful in Getting started! 🙂