About me


I have just realised that I have never actually wrote anything about myself. I’ll start off by saying Hi, my name is Aoife McEvoy, i’m nintten years old, from Termonfeckin and i’m attending college in Dundalk IT . I am in first year studying Video and Film. Last year I did a PLC course in Dun Laoghaire in which i studied Audio, Visual, Media production. I think that this was a great help for starting this year because i knew the basics of using the camera and editing and different things like that.

My main interests is set-dancing and irish music. I play the fiddle along with the piano. I would do alot of traveling with both set-dancing and music, for example with set-dancing I’v been to Germany and England, with music I have been such places as Porgual and Romania. Well I think thats all there is to know about me, for the time being anyway.


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