Monthly Archives: October 2012

blog #2


This has felt like a very long week. I’m still very tired after last weekend. Last weekend I was in Germany. I was in a little village called Heidelberg .

 There are fabulous views and scenery to look at.  we kicked off the trip with some traveling to Mannheim. we went on cable carts and looked around the shops. The main reason why we were in Heidelberg was for an Irish setdancing weekend. The crowds that travelled were amazing and the atmosphere was priceless.

Till next time 🙂


Getting started


This is my first blog to write and I am going to start off by telling you how I did it.

The hardest thing was to find a username that nobody has used before but once you find it your half way there. The fun on starts then. You get to decide how your page is goin to look by changing the appearance, the different themes, backgrounds and widgets.

Here is a link that you my find helpful in Getting started! 🙂